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Former Stadler's Biscuit Factory


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You'll not want to miss this excellent former biscuit factory! The auction features gas double rack ovens, two fully automated biscuit lines, and complete wrapping and packing stations. If you're in the market for equipment, this is a don't miss!

Auction Schedule

Live On-Site Auction with Online Bidding

Began: 05/22/12 at 10:30 AM EDT

Ended: 05/22/12 at 2:30 PM EDT

Location: 609 E Gilbreath St, Graham, NC 27253



You'll not want to miss this excellent former biscuit factory! The auction features gas double rack ovens, two fully automated biscuit lines, and complete wrapping and packing stations. If you're in the market for equipment, this is a don't miss!

Additions: The following items are also located onsite, and will be sold. They will be cataloged and put into sale order closer to the auction date, and will be available for online bidding.

Berkel BM 7/16” Bread Slicer, SN 92113120601054

American Baking Systems EAD-100 Bagel Former, SN R203821 with American Baking Systems EXF-300S Bagel Divider, SN 308212

Oliver Varislicer, SN 172679

Structural Concepts Bakery Curved Glass Display Optima/4859R Remote, 58” x 36” x 48”

Structural Concepts Bakery Curved Glass Display Optima, 58” x 46” x 48”

FMI 3-compartment sink, 84”, RL Drainboards

FMI 3-compartment sink, 67”, RL Drainboards

Delfield remote worktop stainless table, 96” x 33” x 43”

Boos Bros 1-3/4” thick maple top table, 90”

Hobart D300 30 quart mixer with stainless bowl, hook, whisk and paddle

Garland Master 410 Double Stack Gas Convection Oven

Hobart AM14T Dishwasher, SN 23-1073-811, with Hobart model #FD3/75SH garbage disposal, with two Eagle 36" long x 26" deep dish tables, and a pre rinse on the soiled side with the garbage disposal.

Hobart HPC200 Dbl Door Bakery Proofer, SN 24-1024143

(2) Mettler Toledo Model #8450 30 lb digital scales

Chicago Metallic, 3, 4, and 5-loaf bread pans

Full size pans

Donut glazing trays

Muffin pans

Glazing cart

Plus much more!


Complete listing of items to be sold in sale order:

1 Hobart 30qt Dough Hook

2 Icing Spatula

3 Revolver Holster

4 Scrapers

5 Ingredient Scoops, Plastic

6 Poly Cutting Board 24''x18''

7 Bowl, Cup, Ingredient Jar

8 Electric Knives

9 Sheet Pan 1/2 Size

10 Perforated Sheet Pans 8 and Sheet Pan Cover

11 Styrofoam Shipping Cooler

12 Hot Glue Guns

13 Boxes of Glue Sticks 1/2''x10''

14 Electrical Power Strips

15 AC Speed Drives Fuji AF-300 P11 and Baldor ID15H205 - W

16 Mirror and 2 Triangle Reflectors

17 Microwaves

18 Sunbeam & Gold Star Microwaves

19 Prawnto Shrimp Deveiner 110V

20 NCI Electric Scale Model 3250, 5# Capacity at .005# Increments, 8.5''x8.5''' Platform

21 White Poly Tubs 6''D

22 Bakery Trays Full Size

23 Aluminum Baking Pans 25.25''x16''  Has 3/8'' Lip on 3 Sides

24 Christmas Decorations including 2 trees and Santa's Carousel

25 Ingredient Bins with Clear Lids

26 Pizza Cutter 16''

27 Display Rack

28 Table 68''x27'', wood base, formica top

29 Table 60''x24'', wood base, formica top

30 Table 89.5''x49.5'', metal base, formica top

31 Metal Cart 36''x24''

32 Miscellaneous Parts grease, belts, contactors, …

33 Gray Tubs 8'' Deep with some lids

34 Blue Tubs 8'' Deep

35 Tan Tubs 8'' Deep

36 Chairs

37 Microwave Cart Wooden 24''x18''

38 Swinging Door 41''x94''

39 Halsey Taylor Water Cooler

40 Hand Wash Sink Stainless Steel

41 Sign Stand

42 Adding Machines

43 ATT Partner Plus Phone System with 11 NEC Handsets

44 Stereo

45 Timecards and other office supplies

46 HP LaserJet 1320 Printer And Lexmark Z32 Printer

47 HP DeskJet 722C and HP DeskJet 672C Printers

48 Keyboards, Monitors and Teleco Computer

49 APC Battery Backup, HP Scanjet XPA and Netopia Router

50 Trash Cans

51 Miscellaneous Cables and Power Cords

52 Desk with Right and Left Sweep

53 Metal Shelves 48''x17.5''x84''

54 Wood Bookshelf

55 File Cabinet 4 Drawer Letter Size

56 Desk with Right Hand Sweep

57 File Cabinet 2 Drawer

58 Desk with Left Hand Sweep, Wooden

59 Pictures

60 Pictures

61 Wood Desk 42''x24''

62 Lateral File Cabinet 4 Drawer

63 Chairs

64 Miscellaneous office supplies clipboards, inboxes, etc…

65 Wood Desk 72''x36''

66 Wood Desk 72''x24''

67 Hirsh 4 Drawer File Cabinet

68 Amana Radarange Microwave

69 Cabinet 48''x24''

70 Bench 72''

71 Lockers, 2-door units

72 Lockers, 2-door units

73 Key Hanger

74 Cork Boards, White Boards

75 Phone Station

76 Time Card Holders

77 Monitors 2qty and Compaq Computer

78 Prodigy Plus Label Printer and Linetamer Battery Back Up

79 Wood Desk with Left Hand Sweep

80 Book Shelf

81 Chair 

82 Letter Organizers

83 Cart 36''x24''

84 White Board 72''x48''

85 Stools, wood seat and back rest

86 PFM Flow Wrapper PFM-30-Super with Print Registration  220V 1Ph  21' Infeed, 7.5'' Flights, 9.75'' Sealer Bar, 49'' Outfeed Conveyor  

87 Jordan Manufacturing Top Sealer with Print Recognition 120V Hole Size 5.875'' x 2.875'' Also includes 5.25''x2.5'' Change Out Plates

88 Doughboy Scotty Flow Wrapper Serial 83-20111 220V 1 Ph 60'' Infeed Conveyor 7'' Flights 7.5'' Heat Bar 27'' Outfeed Conveyor 

89 Doughboy Scotty Flow Wrapper Serial 77-15795 220V 1 Ph 60'' Infeed Conveyor 8.5'' Flights 7.5'' Heat Bar 36'' Outfeed Conveyor 

90 Conveyor Stainless Steel Construction 24' Long 9''W Belt

90A Conveyor Stainless Steel Construction 21' Long 9''W Belt

91 Extra Parts for Flow Wrappers

92 AMI Top Zip For Making Top Zippers to Bags 240V 3 Ph and Pneumatic

93 Fleet-Line Taper Model FL-6000

94 Table Stainless Steel 56'' x 36'' with undershelf

95 2-door Metal Storage Cabinet

96 Cleaning Supplies

97 Mop Bucket

98 Wooden Shelves

99 Mops and Brooms

100 Table Stainless Steel 30''x24''

101 Tubs 6qty, Dollies 2qty and Misc.

102 4-wheel Tub Dollies

103 Tubs, black

104 Floor Scrubber Includes 24V Charger

105 Swinging Door 29'' x 94''

106 Douglas Rack Washer Model 1527 240V 3Ph with Booster Heater For Rinse Cycle

107 Pan Racks for Douglas Rack Washer

108 Pan Rack for Douglas Rack Washer

109 Bowl Rack for Douglas Rack Washer

110 Select-O-Matic Soap Dispenser with Hose

111 Cotterman Portable Stairs 4 Step 16'' W

112 Ballymore Portable Stairs 8 Step 24''W

113 Brown Walk In Cooler with Floor, Front and Back Doors 133''W x 186'' 

114 Wire Rack 48''x24''

115 Bettcher Power Cleaver Model 39 Serial 39 7208 167  220V 3Ph

116 Bettcher Power Cleaver additional Parts 

117 Bettcher Power Cleaver Blades

118 DeLuxe Oven/Proofer Combo Unit Model CR-2-6D  208V 3Ph

119 CaptiveAire Hood Model 4824D 84''x48'' 

120 Edlund Knife Holder Stainless Steel

121 Collecting Table Stainless Steel 45'' 115/230V 1 Ph

122 Brown Walk In Freezer with Floor 48'' Door  208''x 139'' 

123 Aluminum Rack 36''x18''

124 Roller Conveyor with box of extra rollers

125 Coat Rack

126 Coat Rack

127 Tubs, Dollies and Hair Nets

128 Flexicon Hopper Stainless Steel 39''x39''x38'' with 3'' Round outfeed

129 Allen Machines Magnetic Drive Depositor Model CEA41043  11.75''W Dispensing Head 220V 1Ph

130 Rheon Line Includes: Rheon Pile Up Table Model PC012  10'L with Sifter, Rheon Stretching Head 27''W Belt 30''W Rollers With Sifter, TakeAway Conveyor with Cutting Station 9.5'L

131 Rheon Laminator 100''L 18''W Conveyor

132 Cake/Biscuit Slicer 26'' Wide Usable Stainless Steel Construction 230/460V 3Ph

133 Grote Band Blades

134 Adamatic Double Rack Oven Model DRO 2GH SEFADG  Serial 680600304  Natural Gas  208V 3Ph  DOM 10/00

135 Adamatic Double Rack Oven Model DRO 2GH SEFADG  Serial 680600306  Natural Gas  208V 3Ph  DOM 10/00

136 Adamatic Double Rack Oven Model 1x1GS 135 O/G Serial 92.1931.008-0392  Natural Gas  208-460V 3Ph 

137 Rack Oven Racks Stainless Steel 20 Slides Per Side

138 Cork/White Board

139 Moline Stainless Steel Production Line Model 10-24 Serial 10-77-166 208V 3Ph  Includes: Incline infeed conveyor 12' with 20'' Belt, Belt Flour Duster 24'', Product Flour Duster 24'', Model 10-24 Head with no visible gouges or pitting, Cross Roller, Pneumatic Cutting Station with Dust Collect Collet Model PCA-RL-24L, Scrap Product Station Outfeed Belt length 21'

140 Adamatic Transfer Conveyor Model Converging Conveyor 29''L x 22''W  240V 3Ph

141 Adamatic Panner Model Panning Table Serial PN-30-70 Belt 30''x92'' 240V 3Ph

142 Incline Conveyor Stainless Steel 15' 13.75''W Belt 2.25'' Paddles SP500 AC Speed Control 230V 3Ph

143 Moline 18'' Extruder Stainless Steel 230V 3Ph

144 Shop Fox Dust Collector 220V 1Ph 

145 Dust Sweeper 20'' Brush DC Speed Drive 110V

146 Moline Biscuit Cutter with Air Eject 2.75''

147 Moline Biscuit Cutter with Air Eject 3.75''

148 Moline Biscuit Cutter with Air Eject 3.5''

149 Moline Biscuit Cutter with Air Eject 2.5''

150 Moline Biscuit Cutter with Air Eject 3.25''

151 Moline Cutter Wheel Parts

151A Rondo Cutters 2.25'', 2.5'', 3.25''

152 Wire Wall Shelf

153 Chatillon Scale 50#

154 Table 48''x30'' Aluminum Frame Poly Cutting Board Top

155 Table 36''x36'' Aluminum Frame Poly Cutting Board Top

156 Wire Rack 36''x24''

157 Swinging Doors 44''x94''

158 Baskets 28''x20''x3.75", Blue

159 Baskets 27.5''x19.5''x3.5'', Tan

160 Baskets 27.5''x19.5''x3.5'', Green

161 Misc. Crates

162 Metal Stacking Baskets

163 Basket Racks

164 Oven Racks Aluminum 20 Slides Per Side **Do not fit items 134,135,136

165 White Poly Rolling Tubs

166 White Poly Rolling Tubs

167 Pallet Racking Uprights 42''Dx120''H Rails 50'' and 96''

168 Roll Film for Flow Wrapper

169 Roll Film for Flow Wrapper

170 Tuff Tape Sealing Tape 7 Cases and other Misc.

171 Heavy Duty Shelving 72''x30''x120''

172 Little David Taper 110V

172A Marsch Gummed Tape Dispenser

173 Eastey L-Bar Wrapper Model EM1622T 110V

174 Eastey Shrink Tunnel Model ET1608  220V 1Ph

175 Adco Box Gluer

176 Flexible Roller Track Conveyor

177 Flexible Roller Track Conveyor

178 Flexible Roller Track Conveyor

179 Aluminum Stand

180 Metal Cart 36''x24''

181 Lift-Rite Pallet Jack

182 Lift-Rite Pallet Jack

183 Black Poly Floor Cart 60''x30''

184 Yale Walk Behind Fork Truck Model MSWO30SAN12CS072  12V  3000# Lift Capacity Comes With Charger 

185 Aluminum Tub Carts

186 Wood Desk 60''x24

187 Coat Rack

188 Wooden Step Ladder 10'

189 Fiberglass Step Ladder 8'

190 Fiberglass Step Ladder 6'

191 Dump Carts

192 Clark Fork Lift Model NP15D 3,000# Lift Capacity with Tilt, Side Shift and Reach 36V Comes with Charger

193 Forklift Work Platform

194 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 50''L and 94''L

195 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 50''L and 94''L

196 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 50''L and 94''L

197 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 50''L and 94''L

198 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 50''L and 94''L

199 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 50''L and 94''L

200 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 50''L and 94''L

201 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 94''L

202 Pallet Racking Uprights 168''Hx42''W Rails 50''L and 94''L

203 Contents of Shed

204 2002 Butcher Boy 30' x 80' x 15' Outdoor Walk-in Freezer with (3) 96" x 96" drive-in doors with Electro Torque-o-Matic openers, 84" x 96" door with Electro Torque-o-Matic opener, and (2) 98" x 120" loading dock doors, Complete with Larkin evaps, condensers and Copeland compressors

205 American Kellogg Air Compressor 2 Stage 25HP 208-230V/460 3Ph

Auction Terms

TERMS: Complete payment day of sale: Cash or certified funds. Checks must be accompanied by a current bank letter of guarantee. No property removed until fully settled for. After the auctioneer has sold a piece of equipment, it becomes the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All equipment is sold as-is and where-is. Any announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. Onsite: 15% buyers premium/fee in effect (3% discount for cash/guaranteed funds). Online (payment by credit card Only): 18% buyer's premium/fee.

The information contained in this listing is subject to inspection and verification by all parties relying on it. No liability for its accuracy, errors, or omissions is assumed by the seller, the representative of the seller, Grafe Auction Company or their agents.

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Grafe Auction Company, NC license #7798


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