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overnight, C Ronaldo became the most frustrated person. C Ronaldo bitterly asked Jackson: opponents than we already strong anti-anti-fast and precise, inherently difficult to win, who knows they folded Pepe, 10 people hit 11 people, you say how to win? Jackson did not speak, took a piece of paper with the stroke of a circle. C Ronaldo looked puzzled, and asked Jackson: You said it is more than a positioning ball attack? Jackson smiled and said: This is football in your eyes, but in my eyes it's just a physiognomy. C Ronaldo puzzled, Jackson went on to say: Where all the phases are all false; if seen with a non-relative, you see the Tathagata. C Ronaldo is puzzling, Jackson said: eyes no football, how to win or lose? In fact, Jackson meant to persuade C Ronaldo down, but his character may not be able to do. In fact, before the start of the Portuguese know can not win, but no one thought would be in such a way to lose. Portugal's poor luck to the extreme, was sentenced to a penalty 10 minutes, 27 minutes Almeida injured, followed by Pepe sent off, and then throw a ball inside the penalty area, the first half, Portugal will all unfavorable factors accounted for the . This is not finished, the second half did not take long Coentrao strained thigh muscle and, in such bad luck, in addition to sigh, what can you say? Child learn the lesson, the children asked her mother: 'What? Mountain over there,' my mother said: 'mountain.' Side of the 'mountain over there,' 'is a mountain or hill.' Do not understand that time is now? It seems that what is on the hill, ah, this is hopeless. Spirited C Ronaldo hand to Portugal into the FIFA 14 World Cup finals, the group did not think the first game to end this way, as the Golden Globe winner Shinco probably not a little depressed. And Pepe suspended, Cohen Bertrand injury, and the next Ghana, the United States is not a good deal, Portugal to win the group? It is good to go.
add to favorites Muller a hat-trick champion tripod shot full of war and create a new record $5.09 Prestbury Maharashtra
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Germany in the FIFA 14 World Cup opener in Brazil 4-0 win over Portugal, this poor score again beyond most people's expectations. And such a big score, also set a number of records in the history of the FIFA 14 World Cup. Muller is undoubtedly the game's most dazzling star, first capped performance not only catapulted him to climb to the first name scorer, also making it a hat-trick of FIFA 14 World Cup history 49 owners. And the last FIFA 14 World Cup in South Africa, has just completed a hat-trick for Higuain one person only. Surprisingly, Muller hat-trick in the game with a 3-foot shot just as a 'pseudo-center', so performed flawlessly. Muller goal is three times ripped Portugal became the historical background. It is worth mentioning that this is their first time in FIFA 14 World Cup history with a player is in a game three times to break the goal. And this is how they all 24 FIFA 14 World Cup games only once each scored four goals. Mueller's hat trick around, a number of history is being rewritten. Since 2002, Saudi Klose face a hat-trick since staged header, which is the German team in the FIFA 14 World Cup's first hat-trick. Muller also became German history six hat-trick in the FIFA 14 World Cup players. Before he Edmund Conan, Moluo Ke, Gerd Muller (2), Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Klose have completed the feat. Muller's hat also let the German team continues to lead the FIFA 14 World Cup hat-trick list. After the campaign, the German team had a total of seven completed a hat-trick in the FIFA 14 World Cup, far behind leading Argentina (4), Hungary (3), Uruguay (3 times), is truly a 'king's hat . ' It is worth mentioning that there Muller ultra-high efficiency goals. The last FIFA 14 World Cup, with five goals on Mueller won the Golden Boot performance. After the game reentry three goals,his FIFA 14 World Cup goals have come to eight, which he spent only seven games. And in the last four games in the FIFA 14 World Cup, he will bang into the six goals. Since the 1966 FIFA 14 World Cup introduced detailed statistics, Muller's scoring rate (averaging 1.14 goals) has surpassed their predecessors Gerd Muller (averaging 1.08 goals), became the king of FIFA 14 World Cup history truly efficient. More surprisingly, Muller completed a total of only eight goals spent 9 foot shot hit the target, the conversion rate is high scoring Mueller has repeatedly refresh the record maximum protection. To complete eight goals in the first seven games of the FIFA 14 World Cup even less, before Muller, only two Gaidemule Larne and magnified God. And do not forget, Muller is now only 25 years old, FIFA 14 World Cup history, only Portugal's Eusebio, Belgium Leonidas and seniors Gaidemule completed the 8-ball when younger than him. Muller before the FIFA 14 World Cup kicked a game behind the game, fans are looking forward to him to bring more surprises.
add to favorites Liverpool send tweets sun shine God An Weijie Su respected team significantly warm $ Prestbury Prestbury
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Xingqingzhongren benches An Weijie Su dental team after the game crying + + roar FIFA 14 World Cup Group D: Uruguay VS England First Half Second Half Playback Playback Highlights Goal 1: Suarez Heading 2: Wayne Rooney in front of Tui 3: Gerald Oolong assists Su God burst shooting lore morning Beijing time on June 20, FIFA 14 World Cup Group D second round were a focus of war, Uruguay played in the Premier League with Liverpool striker Suarez's two goals 2-1 victory over the Three Lions Legion of England, after the game, Liverpool Football Club with mixed feelings made a tweet, 'the respected Gerrard and Suarez gave.' attach the two Reds teammate comfort each other intimate photos. (Ronaldo)