We are an authority on commercial and industrial equipment auctions and pioneered the use of auctions to sell supermarket and grocery store food service equipment. We have taken the knowledge learned from our prior experience and applied those same principles to the sale of real estate at auction.

Supermarket and Grocery Store Food Service Equipment

In 1981, we sold our first supermarket at auction. Since that time, we have become the authority on the sale of supermarket and grocery store food service equipment at auction. In 2020, we sold over 150 supermarkets and grocery stores for the largest retail food service companies in the world such as Kroger, Target, Walmart, SuperValu, Whole Foods, and a wide variety of independent grocers.

Commercial and Industrial Equipment

We routinely work with corporations, financial institutions, court-appointed officials and government agencies to sell commercial and industrial equipment. From major woodworking facilities to granite processing, metal working to distribution centers, print shops to landscape companies, we work with a diverse group of assets and sellers.

Real Estate

Our team brings a wealth of experience selling real estate at auction. Paul McCartan leads our real estate team and has sold over 5,000 real estate properties at auction. These properties have ranged from commercial to residential to agriculture. From private individuals to financial institutions, court-appointed trustees and receivers to government agencies, we work with a diverse group of sellers.

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