Selling used fitness equipment can be a simple task. Demand for fitness equipment is at record highs, and buyers are eager to buy commercial fitness equipment for their home gyms. If business conditions have forced you to close your gym or fitness center, you may want to consider a fitness equipment auction. 

Selling Single High Demand Fitness Equipment Items

Let’s start small. Say you have something as simple as a Bowflex machine, or treadmill that has been taking up space, or you’ve found a replacement. Fitness equipment is usually always at a decent demand so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a buyer. 

  • List on Platforms
    For a single item like that, you could use site platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, LetGo, and many others. When it comes to pricing your product you want it to be fair, but you also want to get the best dollar value. 

Selling Multiple Fitness Equipment Items or a Large Number of Fitness Equipment Items

If you have something larger or a large number of fitness equipment items selling them one at a time is good if you have the time. Otherwise, you might consider selling your fitness equipment at auction. One of the best ways to sell your gym or fitness equipment is at auction. Over the last several years including as recently as early 2021, our team at Grafe has seen strong recovery results for fitness equipment and gym equipment. An auction of gym equipment and fitness equipment has many advantages. 

  1. Selling fitness equipment and gym equipment at an auction will generate one of the highest returns with minimal work on your part. Marketing efforts including social media, search engine, and email marketing directly to known interested parties of used fitness equipment and gym equipment. 
  2. Selling fitness equipment and gym equipment at auction allows you to efficiently sell all your equipment in one event with multiple interested parties competing against one another. This competition ensures maximum value for your gym and fitness equipment. 
  3. Our large database of over 100,000 bidders and over 2.4-million annual unique website visitors ensure your gym and fitness equipment will reach a large group of individuals looking to purchase quality used equipment. 

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